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Let us protect your website from Hackers.
We will keep your website secure so that you can focus on running your business.

These days website security is paramount because 47% of sites have a serious vulnerability present for over a year.

We offer a wide range of website security services, such as security audits, fixing hacked websites, and data protection compliance.

Security Audit

We will run a full security check over your website, check for any vulnerabilities and create a strategy on how to fix them.

Regardless of whether your site is WordPress, Joomla, Mageneto, Drupal or custom built system, we can help.

We Will Secure Your Website

We will secure your website on a monthly basis and upgrade your WordPress installation and its plugins.


Priority Support 24×7

If you have any issues with your website you get priority support and access to our developers to fix any issues ASAP.


Sitelock Trust Seal For Your Website

Your site will be scanned for malware on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure the maximum security for your website.

Data Protection

If you are handling sensitive information such as names, addresses, passwords or financial information, we will offer advice regarding data protection laws.

Following this, we can help keep this information secure, whether it be through using encryption or third party services that securely handle this data.

Fixing hacked websites

We gain a lot of clients with that have been hacked and come to us for a remedy. Commonly this is because their current web agency doesn’t know how to fix it or because the client has lost faith in them.

To date we have a 100% success record in determining how sites have been hacked, fixing any vulnerabilities and making them secure moving forward.

If you are concerned about your website’s security please get in touch.

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